Choosing an assisted living home in Philadelphia for your aging loved one is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. While online research provides valuable information, nothing quite compares to an in-person tour.

Visiting potential assisted living facilities allows you to assess the environment, interact with staff, and gauge the overall atmosphere. Here, we’ll explore key things to pay attention to when touring an assisted living home in Philadelphia to ensure you make the right decision for your loved one’s care.

1. First Impressions Matter

Upon arrival, take note of your initial impressions. Is the facility well-maintained and clean? Are you greeted warmly? A positive first impression often reflects the level of care and attention to detail within the community.

2. Staff Interactions

Observe how staff members interact with residents. Are they friendly, attentive, and respectful? Pay attention to their attitude and willingness to answer your questions. A caring and dedicated staff is essential for your loved one’s well-being.

3. Safety and Accessibility

Ensure that the facility prioritizes safety. Look for handrails, well-lit common areas, and emergency response systems. Assess whether the layout is easy for residents to navigate, especially if your loved one has mobility challenges.

4. Activities and Amenities

Explore the range of activities and amenities offered. Are there engaging programs and social activities tailored to residents’ interests and abilities? Consider whether your loved one will have access to spaces for relaxation, exercise, and socializing.

5. Dining Experience

Dining is a significant aspect of daily life in assisted living. Join a meal to assess the quality of food and the dining experience. Inquire about special dietary accommodations and flexibility in meal plans.

6. Care Services

Thoroughly discuss the care services offered. Ensure that your loved one’s specific needs can be met, whether it’s assistance with activities of daily living, medication management, or specialized care for conditions like dementia.

7. Room Options and Personalization

Examine the room options available and inquire about personalization. Can residents bring their own furniture or décor? A sense of familiarity and comfort in their living space can make a significant difference.

8. Reviews and References

Seek out online reviews and ask for references from current residents and their families. Hearing firsthand experiences can provide valuable insights into the community’s strengths and areas for improvement.

9. Trust the Experts!

There is a reason we have been a trusted resource for families in and around Philadelphia trying to find the right care for their loved ones. Contact us today and we can take the difficulty out of this challenging decision process.
By paying close attention to these factors during your tours, you can make a well-informed choice that ensures your loved one receives the care and support they deserve in a comfortable and enriching environment.

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