Penn Memory Center Features SLS Philadelphia Speakers

Lorri Bernstein and Mindy Mozenter, representatives from Senior Living Specialists Philadelphia, recently conducted an informative talk aimed at assisting families facing the daunting decision of transitioning a loved one from home to a memory or personal care community. The discussion delved into the multitude of uncertainties, misconceptions, and myths that often cloud this transition period, […]

The Constant Evolution of Dementia Care

In recent years, the approach to dementia care has undergone a profound transformation, marking a significant departure from traditional methods. At Senior Living Specialists Philadelphia, we’ve witnessed this evolution firsthand and are passionate about embracing these changes to better serve individuals living with dementia. Person-Centered Care One of the most notable shifts in dementia care […]

Navigating the Types of Dementia

Dementia, a progressive cognitive decline that affects memory, thinking, and social abilities, can manifest in various forms as seniors age. Understanding the different types of dementia is crucial for caregivers to provide appropriate support and care for their aging loved ones. Senior Living Specialists Philadelphia is committed to offering insights into the complexities of dementia, […]